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The Best Popsicle Molds America’s Test Kitchen 2022

Summer is very hot, so ice creams or frozen pops are the most interesting things that everyone loves to eat. They often buy them at the store or make them at their home to enjoy and overcome the heat of summer.

However, choosing the best popsicle molds america’s test kitchen is not easy for you. Therefore, I hope you can read this review to find the most suitable popsicle molds for you.

Best Popsicle Molds America’s Test Kitchen 2022

1. Nuby’s Garden Fresh Plastic Popsicle Mold

Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray,Multicolored 1set 4 handle

Nuby’s Garden Fresh Plastic Popsicle Mold will surprise you by its lovely appearance. It is used for making your baby cool fruits at home so that your baby can enjoy more fun when using it to eat.

This is a set of four freeze molds with handles that are made of polypropylene, which is safe for your children to use every day. The popsicle-holder base is wide enough to catch drips when the popsicle melts to reduce the risk of mess.

Its handles are suitable for baby’s hand to hold. This perfect product is safe for children’s teeth so that it can help soothe sore gum. You can easily use it to make fresh homemade puree popsicles.


  • Suitable for baby to use
  • Easy to use and store
  • Save your time


  • Easy to snap

2. Tovolo Rocket Ice Popsicle Mold

Tovolo, Drip-Guard Handle, 2.5 Ounce, Set of 6 Ice Pop Molds Rocket Popsicle Makers with Reusable Sticks, Mess Frozen Treats, Dishwasher Safe & BPA-Free, Blue

Tovolo Rocket Ice Popsicle Mold is a set of six interesting molds that are made of BPA-free plastic and have a smart design. This is a wonderful gift that you can use for your children on special days.

All six molds have smartly designed shapes that allow for frozen pop to slide out of molds easily. Its handles have the ability to built-in drip guard to keep your hands and clothes clean. They are also safe for children to use.

These molds have sturdy base keeps pops from tipping while freezing and fit neatly in freezer to save space. They are also very easy to clean. You can easily make six healthy pops at a time with your favorite juices.


  • Save space
  • Can hold more liquid
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not easy to use

3. Frozip 125 Disposable Bag Ice Popsicle Mold

Frozip 125 Disposable Ice Popsicle Mold Bags| BPA Free Freezer Tubes With Zip Seals | For Healthy Snacks, Yogurt Sticks, Juice & Fruit Smoothies, Ice Candy Pops| Comes With A Funnel (8×2″)

Frozip Disposable Bag Ice Popsicle Mold is a special set with one hundred and twenty-five bag popsicle molds. When using these bags, you can make many pops at a time, and you will not need to spend time cleaning and storing.

They are small bags to make your favorite pops that are made from 100% BPA-free and Phthalates-free plastic. Therefore, they are safe, non-toxic, and USDA certificated so that you will not worry about harmful things that your kids may eat.

These bags are great and convenient for you because they can hold thick or liquid form fluids. You can easily bring them when going camping, taking part in outside activities, and enjoy homemade snack popsicles.


  • Easy to use and move
  • Save time, money and space
  • Safe for your health


  • Only use one

4. Mamasicles Silicone Popsicle Mold

Popsicles Molds with Sticks Popsicle Holders for Kids | 6 Ice Pop Mold BPA Free w/ Silicone Funnel and Cleaning Brush by Mamasicles

Mamasicles Silicone Popsicle Mold is a set of six molds, a funnel, and a brush that are made of food-grade silicone so that you can easily use these funny molds in a durable and long-lasting way.

These silicone molds are oversized to hold more liquid, but they can stand securely in a tray that fits your freezer. They also have a drip tray at the base of each one to catch the drips so that you will not worry about sticky hands when making pops.

The slotted holes in the stick are used to secure the stick in the popsicle molds that allow you to remove the popsicle from the mold easily. You can easily make healthy ice cream treats for yourself, your kids, and your friends.


  • Make ice cream treats
  • Reusable to save money
  • Can wash by a dishwasher


  • Not shape very well

5. Norpro Wooden Stick Popsicle Mold

Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker, one, Blue Lid

Norpro Wooden Stick Popsicle Mold is a durable set including twenty-four wooden sticks, an aluminum frame, plastic molds, and lids with grommets. This will be a great set to make frozen handmade treats for everyone.

The durable aluminum frame and sturdy plastics molds allow it to secure the stick in the molds when freezing. And the lids are used to hold sticks upright and straight while freezing treats.

Moreover, the sticks are made of wooden and disposable so that you can easily replace them after using them without washing them. By using this set, you can easily enjoy frozen fruit juices, ice creams at home, or when joining outdoor activities.


  • Easy to use and store
  • Make many different recipes
  • Good quality


  • Must wash them by hand

6. Zoku Classic Popsicle Mold

oku Classic Pop Molds, 6 Easy-release Popsicle Molds With Sticks and Drip-guards, BPA-free

Zoku Classic Popsicle Mold is a set of a classic base, six molds with six sticks, which are made from BPA free polypropylene for easy cleanup and long-lasting use. You can create unique and healthy treats when using this set.

These sticks with drip guards are used to keep your hands clean when enjoying your pops. They are good quality and easy for you to use. And you should unmold under warm water to remove the pops out of the molds.

This is a wonderful set that you should buy. It does not need a large space for storage. You also use it as a gift for your kids or make unique frozen juice pops to serve for families, parties, after-school snacks.


  • Making frozen treats are very easy
  • A great gift for your kids
  • Beautiful design


  • Have to wash this set by hands

7. Lekue Stackable Popsicle Mold

Lekue Stackable 4 Pieces Popsicle Mould, One Size, Multicolour

Lekue Stackable Popsicle Mold will surprise you by its special design. This is a set of four popsicle molds and four sticks so that you can easily make homemade pops for your children, parents, or friends.

Lekue molds are made of silicone and designed with a lid to protect your frozen treats from unwanted flavors and smell in the freezer. These plastic sticks and silicone molds are very stackable.

You will love this set because it will help you to save space and allow a better grip with plastic sticks. By using this product, you can easily make healthier and more natural ice juices or ice creams.


  • Bring healthy frozen treats
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Very stackable


  • Not suitable for serving guests

8. U.S Kitchen Supply Ice Popsicle Mold

U.S. Kitchen Supply 18-Piece Classic Reusable Jumbo Ice Pop Mold Set

U.S Kitchen Supply Ice Popsicle Mold is a set of twelve premium ice popsicle molds that have different colors. Your kids will be happy and funny when receiving this lovely set as a gift on special days.

These molds are made of BPA-free plastic, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic for long-lasting use. Each mold has a stem and leaf handle with a coded shape-leaf base to secure the pop while freezing.

This set features built-in handles and drip guard to avoid the mess. Therefore, you can create nutritiously, and money-saving ice pops with many unique recipes and makes healthier ice pops using juices, fruits, or yogurts without worry about unwanted flavors and sugars.


  • Reusable for using in a long time
  • Avoid the mess
  • Save money and time


  • May leak after a few uses

9. Homemade Silicone Popsicle Mold

Homemade Popsicle Molds Shapes, Silicone Frozen Ice Popsicle Maker-BPA Free, with 50 Popsicle Sticks, 50 Popsicle Bags, 10 Reusable Popsicle Sticks, Funnel and Ice Pop Recipes

Homemade Silicone Popsicle Mold is a wonderful set including ten molds, fifty wooden sticks, fifty bags, and a funnel with a brush. This is a perfect setting for you to create many unique frozen recipes in the summer.

Ten molds are made from silicone that ensure safety for your health and allows you to pull out easier than plastic and stainless steel. These molds come with fifty wooden sticks and fifty bags so that you can make more than ten pops at a time.

This is a perfect set for you to make pops with juice, yogurt, apple sauce, or ice cream. They help you to save time when serving at parties or outdoor activities. Your children will be very happy when enjoying your own recipes.


  • Reusable to reduce waste
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Save your money


  • Do not shape the pops well

10. Kootek Reusable Popsicle Mold

Kootek Popsicles Molds Sets 8 Ice Pop Makers Reusable Ice Cream Mold – Dishwasher Safe, Durable DIY Popsicles Tray Holders with Silicone Funnel, Cleaning Brush Kitchen Supplies (Blue & Green)

Kootek Reusable Popsicle Mold is a set that includes eight molds, a funnel, and a cleaning brush. This set is very durable and high-quality so that you can use it in a long time to make differents frozen pops.

These molds are made of food-grade silicone to ensure safety for children’s health. The funnel helps you to pour your favorite liquids into the molds in a breezeway. And the brush allows you to clean these molds easier.

By using these Kootek molds, you can easily make eight pops in different styles at a time without worry about unwanted fake coloring, chemicals, or flavors. And you should unmold the pops out of the molds under warm water for easy removal.


  • High-quality materials
  • Safe for you and your family
  • Eight molds to save time


  • The lids are a bit flimsy


Now, all information that you should know is very clear so that you can make the right choice to buy the best popsicle molds for you and your family.

My top pick is Nuby’s Garden Fresh Plastic Popsicle Mold because this set is safe for baby, so it will also be safe for my health. I love eating frozen pops, but I cannot eat much. Therefore, this will be the most suitable popsicle mold for me.

Let’s click to buy the best popsicle molds for you. If you have any questions, you can comment on them below. I will answer them after reading.

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